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Credit Reporting:


Business Credit Reports:

 Credit Reports are furnished to our members, on their customers, by  mail, fax or phone.   If a member requests an in-file report and one is available, it may be returned to the member immediately.  All other business report are started within a day, and returned as quickly as possible, depending on how quickly references respond to our inquiries. The Bureau does credit reporting on any company – not just construction affiliated companies.  We have files on firms in Illinois & Missouri. 

Weekly Bulletin

A bulletin is mailed,  faxed  or emailed to our members on a weekly basis.  It consists of a list of tax liens, mechanic liens, bankruptcies, judgments, transcripts, and suits filed and satisfied or released.  The suits & liens are from St Louis, St Louis County, St Charles, St. Charles County, Jefferson, Warren, Franklin, MO & St Clair, Madison & Monroe Counties, Illinois. 

Special Services

 *Affiliated companies, when available, are provided, which all credit reports.  A customer who changes names on a regular basis is important for the members to know when reviewing a credit report. *The Bureau will contact  your  references so that they are not aware of what type of firm is inquiring.  This enables you to receive accurate information.  In addition to  the references the customer lists on his application we will contact  references  listed in our files.  These references  are often the accounts, which are not paid prompt, or the customer is not satisfactory.  The Bureau records all inquiries from our members and will refer to them on the next  update.

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